Top Ten Broadheads For 2013

Top Ten Broadheads For 2013

Posted by | January 27, 2013 .

Top Ten Broadheads For 2013

Innerloc tunable B.A.T.

Innerloc’s tunable B.A.T. (Blade Alignment Technology) broadheads allow you to align your broadhead blades to your fletchings and index them identically from arrow to arrow for more consistent arrow flight.

The exclusive broadhead tuning system makes quick work of producing matched sets of carbon arrows, helping to tighten broadhead groups from today’s fastest compound bows. They also include Innerloc’s Center Locking System to keep blades locked tight in the ferrule even after the most punishing hits.

The Endure Edge blade honing process keeps cutting edges sharp all the way through the wound channel for increased hemorrhaging. New for 2013, the Deep Slice offers all of these features in a Deep Six ferrule design compatible with Easton’s Injexion arrow

Top Ten Broadheads For 2013

NAP Killzone

New Archery Products’ rear-deploying, two-blade Killzone—a design allowing both blades to open in unison and using no O-rings or rubber bands—has been expanded for 2013.

In addition to the original, 2-inch, 100-grain model, NAP has added: 125-grain models with either cut-on-contact or Trophy Tips; a 1 1⁄2-inch cutting diameter, 100-grain KE head for low kinetic energy bows; a 2-inch crossbow version available in both 100 and 125 grains; and a 2 3⁄8-inch, 100-grain Maxx version.

Each package includes a free practice head. The 125-grain models offer instant F.O.C. boost, the KE model is designed for low-poundage or short-draw bows, the crossbow heads are designed for increased launch speeds, and the Maxx is made for bows with draw weights in excess of 60 pounds. Replacement-blade kits are offered for all.

MSRP: $40-$45 per 3

Top Ten Broadheads For 2013

Rage Hypodermic

The all-new Rage Hypodermic series of two-blade broadheads features the company’s signature SlipCam rear-deploying blades in tandem with a new, one-piece, machined stainless steel ferrule for superior accuracy at even longer ranges.

Hypodermic broadheads have a 2-inch cutting diameter and also feature Rage’s new, patent-pending shock collar for super secure blade retention both before the shot and during flight. Hypodermic heads are available in 100 grains only, for both standard inserts and Easton’s new Deep Six insert system.

MSRP: $49.99 per 3

Top Ten Broadheads For 2013

RedHead Blackout

The RedHead Blackout 100-grain fixed-blade broadhead from Bass Pro features a sleek, technically advanced design with the convenience of replaceable blades.

The Blackout’s precision ferrule is all stainless steel, configured using patented MonoFlow technology to ensure superior strength and flight performance. The super-sharp, German steel blades are .030-inch thick and securely locked into the ferrule to withstand even harsh impacts. A cut-on-contact tip aids in deep penetration, while a 1 1⁄16-inch cutting diameter provides an ample blood trail.

MSRP: $29.99 per 3

Top Ten Broadheads For 2013

Slick Trick Nuke

The spanking-new Slick Trick Nuke mechanical broadhead is a revolutionary, patented design offering fieldpoint flight from the fastest bows and a 1.8-inch cutting diameter for nasty entrance and exit holes.

The 1.3-inch, in-flight blade position makes it impossible to create an entrance cut less than 1.3 inches wide, though the EZ Open Blade design also makes it impossible for the head to fail to expand to full diameter.
Should you bump the blades while stalking or removing from a quiver, however, they immediately spring back into flight position. Set back blades eliminate “kick-outs” on angled hits, the cutting tip and spooky-sharp blades assuring pass-through devastation.

MSRP: $40 per 3

Top Ten Broadheads For 2013

Spot-On Laser Bowfish Assassin

Clean Shot Archery’s revolutionary Spot-On Laser Bowfish Assassin features an internal laser that automatically activates at full draw using a bow-mounted magnet.

The laser makes bowfishing aiming easier, because the adjustable-for-impact laser light bends in the water just like daylight to provide spot-on aiming at any reasonable water depth. No more aiming low to beat Snell’s Law of Refraction, making bowfishing easier for every shooter. It’s especially useful for beginning bowfishermen, and for bowfishing guides to help teach clients where to aim on submerged targets.

MSRP: $50 each

Top Ten Broadheads For 2013

Steel Force Phathead

Steel Force’s Phathead cut-on-contact mini broadheads have proven a big hit with bowhunters due to accurate flight from the fastest bows combined with uncompromising ruggedness on the most formidable targets.

And while plenty of game has fallen to the original 1 1⁄8-inch cutting diameter Phathead, many bowhunters wanted more cutting action. The new Phathead HP (High Profile) gives you a wider, 1 3⁄16-inch cutting diameter and serrated trailing edges to spill more blood. They’re offered in 100- and 125-grain models, with aircraft aluminum ferrules, patented blade-retention system and .08-inch thick blades—still the phattest in the business.

MSRP: $36 per 3

Top Ten Broadheads For 2013


Flying Arrow Archery is a new company out of Montana with a brand new broadhead like nothing you’ve seen before. The 100-grain, fixed-blade Toxic holds three “half-moon,” “coring” blades set through the middle of the aircraft-aluminum ferrule to add strength and structural integrity.

The curved blades combine to provide nearly five inches of cutting surface, all honed to a surgical sharpness. RCS (Radical Core Decompression) and RWD (Reduced Wing Drag) technologies provide field-tip accuracy from the fastest compound bows, while creating devastating wound channels on the biggest game. The bone-splitting chisel tip starts penetration out right.

MSRP: $45 per 3

Top Ten Broadheads For 2013

Trophy Taker Ulmer Edge

Trophy Taker Ulmer Edge mechanical broadheads offer fieldpoint accuracy and two super-sharp, rear-deploying blades that open as one on impact, pivoting around bone and folding forward to expose rear-sharpened edges as needed.

The blade-retention system assures blades won’t open prematurely, and they can be locked into practice mode without damaging targets or blades. New for 2013, this amazing head will be offered in slimmer 100-grain, 1 1⁄2-inch-wide and 125-grain, 2-inch-wide designs for Easton Deep Six inserts and other slim shafts (such as Victory’s VAP) with standard threads. All include one-piece steel ferrule with chisel tips.

MSRP: $45-$50 per 3

Top Ten Broadheads For 2013

Wasp Archery Queen

Catering to the growing cadre of female bowhunters (500,000 last year, according to the Sporting Goods Manufacturing Association), Wasp Archery introduces the new Queen broadhead.

The Queen weighs 75 grains to balance lighter, shorter arrows shot from bows with draw weights less than 55 pounds. The head includes a 1-inch cutting diameter, cutting Stainless Smart Tip (SST) and three razor-sharp stainless blades to assure deep penetration and reliability. The aerodynamic, stainless steel ferrule is anodized bright pink to set it apart as a woman’s accessory. Each three-pack also includes two sets of replacement blades.

MSRP: $34 per 3

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